CALIDOSCOPIO . . . Get Ready!
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CALIDOSCOPIO . . . Get Ready!

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New Garage-Psych Guitar-Vocal Group Calidoscopio! Debut Release . . . Get Ready!

A Transcontinental (3 continents) release, is the latest project from Dave Anderson (Rochester, New York, USA), together with members of The Golden Coats + friends (Wilhelmshaven, Germany), plus special guests appearances from Joey Bedlam (Dollsquad - Melbourne, Australia), and a cameo appearance from Sky Sunlight Saxon (from the other side)!

Rock-N-Roll, Sunshine Pop Psych, Spaghetti Western...                                            The Groovy Eclectic Sound of Calidoscopio! 

Limited edition of 300 copies, 11 songs / 12" Vinyl LP!
Also available on CD!

"Fly high into the sky...
The rainbow thoughts,
the rainbow dreams, the rainbow people...
Emerald green, emerald green forest...
Birds are playing and animals are there...
Come on."
Sky Sunlight Saxon - from the song . . . Green Forest