Sabattis warning in the sky
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Sabattis: Warning in the Sky

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These songs sat in a time capsule for over forty years before they were officially released! The band had hoped to land a big record deal with these recordings, but it never happened and within a year of recording these songs, the band was finished. This album was recorded by the now legendary recordist Mick Guzauski. These days Mick works with many of today's top recording artists such as Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Burt Bacharach and many others, but it was a different time and place when the Sabattis project was recorded. The time - March 1970, the city - Rochester, New York. This project was recorded in Mick's parent's home where Mick had a studio setup in the basement. The guys could not get the Hammond organ into the basement so Gary Culotta played the organ in the "living" room while the other guys were in the basement...imagine the setting...these guys are recording this Rock Masterpiece with this massive Hammond organ sound emanating from the swirling leslie speaker while Mrs. Guzauski is walking by with her laundry basket and tending to her other household chores! So after all these years, the album has finally been released and although the band was short lived and only recorded these songs, we are grateful that they gave us this much, because these songs really ROCK! This is some really Great Stuff! !

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