The LSD Enigma: S/T
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The LSD Enigma: S/T

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From Rochester, New York...The Gentry-men of Kaleidoscopic Psych-Garage-Folk-Rock present to you their debut album! Powerful 2 Man Vocal Group w-Electrified Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica & Drums...Recorded Live in the Studio & Mixed to Mono Analog Tape!

These guys are no newcomers to the scene, no, they are seasoned veterans of their art and craft. Their work in various music projects over the years many would say has been "underground", but many hipsters around the world will testify that these gentry-men of the underground music scene have made some significant contributions to the music world. Dave Anderson on Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals...many music fans recognize Dave from his involvement with some of the earlier groups he has been involved with such as The Projectiles, The Riviera Playboys, Susan & The Surftones, and Power Pop groups 1.4.5. & The Most. Dave has been involved with a variety other bands since he started playing as a young teenager in a neighborhood rock band called "Lucifer", but there are too many to mention. It should be noted however that one of the music groups that Dave played Bass guitar in was a well known Polka Band "Phyllis Dopkowski & The Boys" ! Yes, you can say that Dave has a somewhat "diverse" musical background! Darren Brennessel on Drums and Vocals...outside of The LSD Enigma, Darren is best known for his prolific works under the moniker of McFadden's Parachute. Countless self produced album releases feature his incredible song writing talent as well as his ability to perform a variety of instruments. Garage-Psych-Folk influences abound...essential material for aficionados of these genres. McFadden's Parachute is primarily a solo effort, however the recordings occasionally feature some special appearances by other noteworthy artists. Earlier in Darren's music career he was a member of The Four Hestons, The Purple Flashes and The Quatloos. It should be noted that in 1999 McFadden's Parachute manifested itself into a real four man band that consisted of Darren on vocals, Dave Anderson on Bass & Vocals, Rick Cona (Chesterfield Kings), and Bob Parrish on Drums. They gigged around the Northeast USA for the Summer and also recorded a full length album of stellar material.

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